Shahriyar Nasir Software Engineer Full Stack Web Developer @Nulogy • Empath • Innovator • Collaborator

I’ve been working as a Software Engineer at Nulogy since early 2014. The collaborative, Modern Agile/XP environment that I work in gives me the space and autonomy to drive innovation. I enjoy learning ways to be better than I was yesterday through personal development. This is why books and ideas make me tick. I also like pursuing technological mastery in a way that I can share with others.

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Other Websites I Publish On

  • Medium for my more significant blog posts

Continuous Learning

  • Goodreads to see what I’ve read/am currently reading

Open Source Projects


Provides a simple DSL for generating Mikado Graphs using GraphViz.


Simple O(n) diffing library written in Kotlin and Gradle Kotlin DSL.


A sample project for using NodeJS, WebdriverIO, Chromedriver to write browser based acceptance tests


January 2014 - Present
Software Engineer at Nulogy


Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc)
Computer Science